Hanfu (Ruqun)


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There might be some confusions between hanfu ruqun and hakama. So I made a thing. 

Actually the way I tell them apart is like how I tell hanzi and kanji apart — by familiarity. I am not sure how helpful this is. Contact me if you have anything to add or I made mistakes somewhere. Thanks.

p/s Does anyone know andonbakama goes with anything other than furisode (other than the case of mako)?


Need to hit this place up again sometime.

Chinatown, by Alex Shatohin.


芷兰汀 十月妍 (via 芷兰汀 手绘新衣欣赏_汉服商家吧_百度贴吧)




Chinese ‘Imperial guard’ Ceremonial Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Medium: steel, ivory, ray skin, iron
  • Measurements: overall lenght 97.4 cm

The sword has an ivory hilt carved with quatrefoil cartouches encircled by prunus and bamboo sprays flanked by ribboned double-gourd and scrolls, framed by geometric and petal panel borders. These are placed between the white metal shaped finial decorated with leaves issuing from branches framing the finial and the sword guard chased with floral sprays.

The long bevelled blade is incised with a dragon pursuing the flaming pearl, the reverse with an inscription, partly reading chi (‘by Imperial order’) and shou (‘longevity’), the ray skin scabbard with white metal mounts are decorated with dragons.

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