Nine Ring Dao Sword

  • Dated: early 20th century
  • Culture: Chinese
  • Measurements: overall length 95 cm

The sword has a wide, curved, single-edged blade with a double groove. It features nine “teeth” at the back, each one provided with an iron ring. The typical, circular quillon is made of brass with relieved border and floral engravings. The grip has fabric binding and a wide ring at the edge.

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用料: 短褙子:印花真丝素绉缎 裙子:印花加厚真丝顺纡,丝棉里 拍下了备注里留 身高 三围 还有裙长 江浙沪邮费6块 拍下改价 或者拿到了申请退款 (via 付减【】田园风 绿紫格子真丝短褙子 襦裙 汉服 竹里馆-淘宝网)



Mulan Takes Flight illustrates an epic journey of true beauty and courage. Believe in yourself and sky is the limit.

One of four new paintings I’m debuting at Disney WonderGround Gallery on Saturday, July 19th, 2014. 

Artist Signing and Print Release from 11am - 1 pm

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汉服水果拟人第二弹~大家久等了,这个系列宣告完结!~按照大家的建议画了香蕉褙子,把蠢萌进行到底~![耶] 菠萝和榴莲好艰辛,阿花阿月已经努力过了[泪]~再次祝大家食用愉快哦~[亲亲] #汉服# #水果拟人#【转载请注明出处,刻章、头像、cos都随意,不二改不商用即可】

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Artist 月见花藏